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Update :)
Captain Preggers
This morning, we went to the doctor and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat!

We heard it with her first, and it was a very strong 159 bpm.  I didn't think it would affect me like it did, I had tears in my eyes.  There's really a baby in there!  I'm really going to be having a baby in 6 months!!!  Johnny's parents and sister were in town, so we brought them into the room and they got to hear it as well.  It's their first grandchild/nephew/niece so it was really awesome for them, too.  By then it was fluctuating between 155 and 158, but still a very strong loud heartbeat.  It's the most amazing sound in the world. 

I'm in my 13th week, which means in a few days I'll be officially into my 2nd trimester.  I went through all of my first with no sickness at all, just some headaches.  I'm through the scary part of it and now baby is fully developed, he just needs to grow!  AND TRUST ME HE'S DOING SO.  I can feel my body stretching in ways that only a woman would understand. 

It was really nice to have Johnny's family here this week.  We got the nursery almost totally put together.  I wanted to do it early to keep from getting overwhelmed.  By the time I get to my nesting phase, I'll be amidst 2 grad classes and working full time, so I won't have time to think about it.  Plus, I really don't want Johnny to feel overwhelmed with everything that's going on.  It looks amazing.  We ordered a really cute yellow glider chair and a really awesome rug, and those are both on their way.  Then we just have a few minor touches, and the addition of the monsters, and the room will be complete! 

If you're interested, you can see the pictures of the room here.  That's getting updated with every addition, though, so keep checking back!

School starts next week.  A week from today actually.  Booooo.  No more naps.   It's going to be a big adjustment.  Thank goodness I got so many maternity clothes, because the clothes I had worn last year aren't fitting too well!  Once school starts again I think I am going to be working out in the morning.  Nothing too rigorous, just maybe 30 min on the treadmill to get my blood flowing for the day.  We'll see how it goes.  I'll also be walking ALL DAY LONG behind a cart, which is nothing new, but doing so pregnant might end up being a lot more work than before :)


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