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Captain Preggers
So since about Friday I've been having these really sharp pains in my left kidney.  At first, I thought it was nothing, just something I ate, but the pains didn't go away for a few days.  On Monday, I went to work, and it hurt to walk.  So I decided I had to bite it and take Tuesday off, and get checked out.

My normal doctor has Tuesday's off, so I saw the Physician's Assistant.  She did some tests and an exam, and she was able to rule out a bladder/kidney infection and musculo-skeletal problems.  She said it was either a tiny kidney stone or baby using my kidney as a punching bag.  So she wanted to schedule a renal ultrasound just to be safe.

That ultrasound was this morning.  It wasn't intended for me to see or sex the baby, but our tech was so awesome that she spent a good 15 minutes just following the baby swimming laps in my stomach.  The kid was literally doing flips and flops and turning and twisting the whole time she was in there!  We did get a few good looks, we got to see his face, and he was opening and closing his mouth.  We got to see "the goods," so to speak, or what we are all pretty convinced are "the goods," meaning that we are more than likely having a BOY!!!!  She didn't want to say 100% because while she's an ultrasound tech she's NOT my doctor, and we have our actual ultrasound next week, but she said she was about 90% sure that it was a twig and berries that we saw.  I saw it, and so did Johnny, before she said anything, and she doesn't think it's part of the umbilical cord!!!! 


I didn't really care if it was a boy or girl, I just wanted to be RIGHT about it! And I was!!! So here we have a picture of Maxwell John Voruz's feetsies!!  He was moving too much to get a good picture of anything else, but hopefully next week we'll get something.  This is still pretty darn cute, though!!!

Oh, and P.S. my kidneys turned out to be fine.  Max is just resting his head up against it a lot, and kicking.  Normal thing during pregnancy, especially for us short people!!


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