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Pregnancy update!
Captain Preggers
We went to the hospital this afternoon because our good friends Matt and Jaci finally had their baby boy  last night at 10:04pm.  Ian Matthew weighed in at 7 lb. 8 oz.  When we got to see him today, he was PERFECT.  So little, totally cute.  I held him right away, and Johnny was just flabberghasted.  He hasn't had a whole lot of experience around newborns, and he kept thinking that we were going to break him.  I asked if he wanted to hold him, and he was terrified.  So he did it sitting down.  It was cute in a lot of ways, but I'm going to have to whip that boy into shape over the next 6 months!  Luckily, we have another really good friend due any day now, so between those two babies he'll get some practice in!

In other news, things are good with the pregnancy.  I'm still convinced it's a boy in there.  He's making me crave things like cheese and beer.  Now for those of you who don't know me all that well, I don't even like beer.  Really hate it actually.  But what I wouldn't give for a Corona with a lime right now.  GOD that sounds good.  And I've been eating cheese at every meal, and for a lot of snacks.  Definitely a Wisconsin kid in there!  I'm about 11 1/2 weeks through now, so that means that I'm almost out of the woods for a miscarriage.  Still birth is still a possibility after 12 weeks, but unlikely if I stay healthy.  I was never really concerned about miscarriage, though, for many reasons.  Glad to know it didn't happen though!!

I may not be getting sick, but being pregnant is NOT good for my skin.  I've had more zits in the past 12 weeks than I've had my entire life combined.  And they are BAD ones.  We're talking volcanoes popping up on my forehead every day.  I had one yesterday that had 3 whiteheads! I kid you not.  It was brutal.  Whoever came up with that whole "pregnancy glow" thing can kiss my ass.

On the upside, I can eat almost anything I want and I'm not gaining weight.  That's not entirely right, I still don't eat a lot.  But we had homemade rice krispie treats (with REAL BUTTER and COCONUT) last week and donuts at least twice while Erik and Amethyst were here, and I'm the same weight I was 3 weeks ago.  I did gain a lot at first, well not a lot, but like 5 pounds, and I should start gaining again now that the baby's growing at a ridiculously fast rate.  Right now, he's about the size of a large lime (2 inches diameter or so) and he'll triple in size over the next 3 weeks.  My belly isn't really protruding much right now, but it will.  I look a lot bigger after I eat, because my stomach HAS to stretch OUT instead of DOWN now.  So that's kind of uncomfortable.  Now it just kinda looks like I ate too many donuts.  Which I very well could have!

I go to the doctor again on August 4th and we'll get to hear the baby's heartbeat.  Johnny's parents and sister will be in town, so I'm going to offer up the opportunity to come and hear it with us.  Of course they won't be in there for the actual exam, but it's their first grandchild/niece/nephew so I think it'd be cool for them.


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